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April 16, 2013
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Sheriff Praetor by lily-fox Sheriff Praetor by lily-fox
I have been way, way overdue for drawing something Jenny-related, and I thought it was about time I drew Eli Praetor again. This is the man Jenny loves, and though he may not be the last, he will be the Best, and he will be Forever, even if she doesn’t know it yet, but I suspect she might.

I did this cute character quiz with Jenny and Eli once, and there’s some little nuggets of information in there about the both of them, like, for example, Eli’s first name is John, which would make him the second or third John that Jenny has loved, and that Eli is a preacher’s son. I’ve had a lot of time to think about him, and his personality is so clearly developed in my mind, I hardly know where to begin.

Eli has, just incidentally, had to say goodbye to almost no one. The people who come into his life have stayed, and because he hasn’t known it any different, he doesn’t realize how unusual it is. Clover County has hung onto its people, and Eli has looked after them, in some respect, his entire life. And Jenny came, and Jenny stayed, for the first time. Jenny decided to stay.

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materials: pencil, paper + PS8
music: The Avett Brothers, "Laundry Room"
Please do not reproduce without my explicit permission.
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RCihlar Featured By Owner May 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
SO HAPPY to see new Jenny-related art! And I love Eli to absolute bits! I love him even more now that I've seen that character quiz.
MrsMorrison-Cobain Featured By Owner May 11, 2013
Eli is my favorite <3
dustiphoenix Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Eli <3 I've missed Jenny, just putting it out there. I need some sort of wicked sweet alter-ego. Fuck, I just need my life back.
cstarcassowarie Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013
Didn't notice the Martin Freeman thing. The first thing I thought was that this man has a very open and honest looking face.
lily-fox Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
That's a wonderful thing to see in someone. :) I'm glad that comes across in him.
mishi Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Ugh, I just love your characters so much!
FawkesFeather Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013
Ohhh, I've been missing Jenny. And Sherrif Praetor, well, isn't he just?

I'd be excited to see more of both of them, and to see Jenny realize that he's Forever. Like, them going on a hike in the woods or eating one of Jenny's strawberry-rhubarb pies. Or the first time Eli sees Jenny gardening - and she has dirt on her bare knees and smudged on her arms and on her cheek, with that sombrero, of course, and he laughs because of course this is the woman who stole his heart. And she grins cheekily up at him, the sombrero sliding past her eyebrows so she has to squint, then tosses him a trowel and puts him to work. He has to roll up his sleeves and his pants get grass-stained, and he's sweating within ten minutes, but it's worth it to hear her laugh as she bosses him around, worth it to hear the excitement in her voice when she tells him her plans for this little patch of earth she's decided to call home. (What did I just do? I don't even know.)
lily-fox Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
Okay... You cannot know, you CANNOT know how AMAZING it feels that you would just write something like that for Jenny. C: I do not have words. It makes me so happy I could turn inside-out!

Actually... the first time I saw Eli in my mind, he was coming around to Jenny's dad's house, where she has moved in, to say something to Mr. St. James. And there's Jenny on the front lawn, wearing a yellow blouse and shorty overalls and a dorky sombrero, planting tulips in front of the porch. And she looks up at him and introduces herself and he stands there with his hat in his hands, having completely forgotten what he was going to say. And she laughs a little and says, "I'm gonna get some iced tea. You want some iced tea?" And he says, "Yes, I'd like that very much," and almost trips up the steps as he goes to open her own front door for her. After that, he starts finding excuses to come around, ostensibly to see Dave St. James, but really hoping to catch Jenny in the garden again, even if he doesn't have any idea what to say to her yet.
FawkesFeather Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013
If you were to ever draw that first interaction (or at least, Eli standing open-mouthed with his hat in his hands), I would be so happy I'd turn inside out. Ah, that was too adorable.

I feel like he's going to bring out the best in Jenny, and she's going to challenge him to expand his horizons.

Also, does he ever let Jenny put on his uniform? Like, is it off the wall that I can see her greet him after a long day wearing one of his spare uniform shirts, a "well?" kind of expression, and nothing else? haha
elene-dd Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013
Got to love a man in uniform <3 oouf
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